Scalable Solutions to Remove Carbon Dioxide from OUR Atmosphere

We bring both nature-based projects AND engineered carbon dioxide removal solutions at scale to the private sector

The World Needs CO2 Removals

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) also referred to as ‘negative emissions’, includes a number of different activities by which CO2 is captured from the air and stored durably on land, in the ocean, in geological formations or in products.

The amount of CDR currently happening around the world is  approximately two GtCO2 per year which is small when compared to global emissions – including land use and fossil CO2 – which were approximately 40 GtCO2 in 2022.

By 2050, a cumulative total of 165 billion tonnes of removal is going to be needed as we attempt to limit climate change to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels

We need nature-based and engineered solutions

Nature-based methods alone cannot reach removal targets, engineered CDR needs to grow in capacity to realise ‘billion tonne scale’.

Engineered Projects

  • Biochar
  • Direct Air Capture (DAC)
  • Bio Energy Carbon Capture & Storage (BECCS)
  • Mineralization
  • CCS

Nature-based Projects

  • Afforestation and Reforestation
  • Regenerative Agriculture

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