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Reduce your

Carbon Footprint

Guiding organisations on their journey to net-zero in support of a sustainable future.

Are you a Business?

Measure & Manage Carbon Footprints

Our experts will support your business to measure your carbon footprint and develop a strategy to reduce to net-zero.

Are you a Project Developer?

Climate Action Projects

Using our network, we find investment for your climate action project and support from project design to carbon credit issuance.

Are you an Investor?

Enabling Investment in Climate Projects

We link foreign and domestic investors to climate action projects

Supporting a Sustainable Future

“By 2030, the world needs to cut emissions by 50% and the voluntary carbon market needs to grow more than 15-fold”

— World Economic Forum



Experts in working with emission reduction, renewable and energy efficiency Project Developers, helping them to find capital investment and ultimately deliver carbon credits to market.


We provide opportunities for Public and Private Businesses to invest in carbon reduction projects that co-benefit communities within the region in support of In-Country Value (ICV).


Experts in helping Public and Private Businesses communicate net-zero strategies in support of sustainability reporting and ESG disclosures.

The biggest challenge of our time is climate change and we need to work together to deliver a cleaner, greener world and build back better for present and future generations
– COP26 President Alok Sharma, Jan 2021

Strategy Aligned Carbon Credit Procurement

Having a strategy-aligned approach to purchasing carbon credits on the voluntarycarbon market (VCM) is an essential part of being climate active for...

COP26: Insights & Implications for Corporate Strategy

The dust and excitement has settled on COP26. There is still much to unpack for onlooking companies unsure of their roles and responsibilities....

Not all carbon credits are created equal

What constitutes a carbon credit and why should a business care about where they source credits from, aren’t they are all the same? No,...

We work with Project Developers and investors with the aim of linking projects to the 17 SDGs set forth by the United Nations.



‘UAE-UK 2021|2022
– Partnership of the Future’

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